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It's the year 2021, in a galaxy not too far away. Humans are fighting a pandemic crisis. The dark forces of Empire continue to deny climate change, enslaving technology to their private interests.

As the planet is pushed into an unbearable state, the boundary between humans and apes is increasingly insubstantial. It is then that a group of nerds and geeks starts to gather.

Emerging from the tedium of their protective basements, they discover the power of code, video games and three-dimensional graphics applied to real life.

They then begin to use their acquired skills, during many Friday nights in their catacombs, far from any social interaction. Fueled only by yesterday's packaged potatoes, energy drinks and donuts, these once acne-ridden misfits begin to develop a powerful tool that speaks both human and machine language.

A secret tool capable of capturing life and transporting it to another dimension: eternity.

Aka the digital world.

They believe that the ability to create mutual value, beauty and wonder will forever bind the human race.

What we do

360º Photography and Video.
Augmented Reality
Video Mapping
3D Simulator
Time Capsule
Cross Platform Solutions
Any other digital life form we can create.

360º Photography and Video.

Capturing a 360 environment through immersive technology, that allows free space exploration. Quick and easy customization. Fast content integration and update. Drone or underwater reality capture.
Best for showroom, catalogue, online store, exhibition, online open-house and all virtual life forms we can create.

Augmented Reality
Video mapping

Digital intervention on your walls and product displaying, with a very flexible quick’n’easy setup.
Best for promotion, bringing venue and objects to live.

3D Simulator/ Product Displaying

Shaping, testing, customizing and selling virtual objects.
8K resolution, ultra-realistic color, lighting and texture.
Best for e-commerce, by selling the product even before production.